We are very sorry to have to inform our Customers that due to the extensive flooding of our factory in Todmorden, Yorkshire on Boxing Day 2015 we have taken the decision to cease production of our range of Caravan Awnings and associated accessories.

The flood water reached 4 feet in depth within our factory ground floor, an area that is calculated to have held almost one million gallons – as much as two Olympic sized swimming pools, only half full of silt and sewage!

Due to the history of floods in our locality we could not get flood insurance so will have to suffer the loss ourselves which will be substantial – somewhere between £250,000 - £300,000.

We have lost all our stocks – raw materials, finished goods and work in progress and even the vast majority of our specialised sewing equipment.  Replacing all this would take time and effort but the viability of producing Caravan Awnings especially viewed against the Chinese prices is not feasible.

We will not even be able to supply spare parts as we have lost everything but we will keep you informed on this webpage of any alterations in our circumstances.

Paul Gibbons