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UK Manufacturer and retailer of high quality caravan awnings.
(Including Factory shop with showroom)

NR Awnings sell direct from the factory as well as through authorised dealers offering a personalised service that guarantees satisfaction. We are the sole UK manufacturer of Caravan Awnings and the only brand offering a 5 Year Guarantee. The following pages are a guide to choosing and buying an NR Awning, from sizing, spec, cost, to what kind of back up and guarantee you'll receive.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the NR Awnings team by email telephone or post.


  • NR Awning launch a brand new caravan wheel cover system Single Wheel Cover
  • 4Season Awning all season or pernanent pitch, fly screen, and canopy support poles on sizes 18 upwards.
  • Vivaldi Luxe Porch awning all season porch awning, permanent pitch.
  • Caravan awning sizes 1080cm - 1185cm now come with a three panel front design.
  • Colour coded side doors for Pullman and 4Season for a bolder look.
  • A neutral colour way curtain for all our caravan awnings.

Did you know?

  • We have a Factory Shop & Showroom displaying all main models.
  • Zip in Ventilation option for 4Season & Pullman.
  • The Combi is now a made to order based on size.
  • We now manufacture upto 1185cm Caravan Awnings here in the UK.
  • We stock a breathable groundsheet.
  • We offer a full repair service for NR Awnings.
  • Storm strap attachment points are sewn into all our new awnings. We can also retro fit them.
  • We manufacture awnings for Eriba caravans exclusively for Automotive-Leisure


Supplying awnings, porches, canopies and accessories for caravans is our business at NR Awnings. We've been manufacturing and selling top quality awnings for years and have a wealth of experience when it comes to making the most of the area just outside of your motor home. Double your floorplan by choosing a full awning, opt for a porch awning if you want to create a covered entrance or go for a canopy if you are keen to protect the inside of your motor home from sun damage.

Caravan awnings

Investing in caravan awnings is a superb way to extend the footprint of your caravan and create extra space outside in moments. Taking a camping trip or caravanning vacation can be difficult if you have a compact vehicle and lots of people along for the ride - luckily a caravan awning can solve all of your space problems by providing an area to store your clothing, cook food, house sporting gear or sleep. You can choose an awning that covers the whole length of your caravan to maximise the extra space to its full potential or opt for a three quarter alternative that's slightly smaller but just as practical and easy to pitch.

Caravan porch

Creating a porch in front of your caravan door can provide the space you need to protect you from poor weather conditions and wet grass. It's far quicker to erect a caravan porch than a full awning and you can use the sheltered area to put your shoes on before heading out onto a campsite. These porches are perfect if you don't require a large size awning and just want a small area to store your footwear, umbrella or coat. Side annexes are another alternative for creating additional space and are slightly larger than caravan porches. However, these products need to be attached to an existing full awning.

Caravan canopies

Discover convenient caravan canopies that provide shade and shelter from the sun, rain and hail right here. These lightweight canopies can be attached to the top of your caravan and stop the sun from shining in, which means you can still keep a close eye on the kids if they are playing outside. Easy to erect and roll up after use, caravan canopies can be stored away quickly and easily making them portable and useful. Our cheap prices fit in with budgets of all sizes.

Caravan Awnings for sale

If you're looking for caravan awnings for sale you've already found the perfect place to browse, order and purchase a selection of top quality awnings at affordable prices. Our range is extensive and covers all sorts of styles from full awnings and three quarter awnings to side annexes, porch awnings and sun canopies. With a wide variety of colour options and sizes to choose from you'll never have to worry about creating a stylish extra space outside of your motor home ever again!